Our innovative software saves up to 75% of your’s chargeback charges and immediately block any suspicious transactions. Despite the need, the 3rd party provider cannot or isn’t able to introduce improvements. Banking partnership that will allow the funds to be remitted to merchants’ bank accounts from the account, into which these funds were settled. Keep in mind, that implementation process might take 6 to 12 months. Plus, technology and knowledge transfer, usually, takes 1 to 2 years. Dwolla also provides firms of various sizes with options for more flexible and efficient money flows.

Financial infrastructure platform Stripe has partnered with the … – The Paypers

Financial infrastructure platform Stripe has partnered with the ….

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White-label payment processing offers multiple benefits for ISVs or SaaS companies looking to offer payments as part of their integrated solutions. White-label payment processing refers to the practice of using a third-party payment gateway and/or other payment technology—fully branded as your own—to process payments. In this case, the organization that provides the payment technology for ISVs, SaaS companies, or other organizations to use as their own, is known as a white-label payment processor.

a. Platform customization

We support more than 100 payment options, in addition to MasterCard and Visa. The list includes all major e-wallets, cryptocurrency and local credit cards from 177 countries. The high-end technology that distributes declined transactions among different connectors guarantees a 20% increase of transaction approval rates. Our solution allows you to choose the best provider for each transaction and offers a 30% increase in conversion rates.

white label payment gateway software

Simply choose a white-label payment provider with an extensive integrations list – and in an instant, you have access to a variety of connectors. Just taking a look at our ever-growing list of the latest integrations, can help you understand how seriously we are intended to fulfill your business aspirations. Crassula is working with over 20 banks and this number is constantly growing. This means that you are free to choose the most preferred financial institution among our trusted partners. From standard Visa, Mastercard to foreign payment types such as WeChat, Alipay, and much more. We provide a strong anti-fraud system integrated into our payment gateway so your business is fully protected from scammers and fraudsters.

E. Greater control over payment options

We assign an account manager to every client, taking a personalised approach to support and utilising our 15+ years of techfin expertise. Last but not least, the payment page they developed for us is just perfect. From the moment we signed up until now, we’ve had a pleasant interaction with the team. Also, they helped a lot with setup and onboarding at the initial stages.

white label payment gateway software

Thanks to our offer, you can launch your own payment system from scratch with minimal loss of time and money. The service will be handled by the PayAdmit team imperceptibly to your users. Our partners can benefit from the support of our qualified specialists.

D. Third-party services integration

The throughput capacity of the white label payment gateway is 200 transactions per second. Application operational speed is multiplied by the number of working modules. No need to shut down and reboot.The white label payment gateway ensures that you and your clients https://xcritical.com/ are protected from chargebacks. We offer a built-in 3-D secure support module, the official VISA and Mastercard protocol for card holder authentication. Get the most from your business model in an ever changing market with white label payment software.

We provide support and consulting on business matters as well as risk monitoring on merchants’ requests during business hours. Technical support is crucial in ensuring the successful operation https://xcritical.com/blog/white-label-payment-gateway-benefits-and-drawbacks/ of white label payment solutions. In the absence of proper technical support, merchants may experience payment processing errors or downtime, leading to a loss of business and revenue.

A. Explanation of white label payment gateway

Dwolla’s solution can programmatically handle 5 or 5,000 transactions with one click. Ability to develop upsell strategies to increase your customers’ subscription levels through accurate reporting. Flexible options for setting up payment cycles with changes in duration, currency, etc.

  • The solution can deliver all kinds of checkouts, be it a full payment page, iFrame, direct post, or API.
  • Whether you are a merchant or a reseller shopping around various white-label payment solutions, you need to know your options.
  • With the increasing risk of cyber attacks and data breaches, this feature is essential for businesses that want to protect their customers’ payment data and maintain their trust.
  • Expand globally up to 10 times faster with a ready-to-go white label payment gateway solution.
  • Plus, they have greater control over the payments experience which not only strengthens their customer relationships but also helps them grow their brand and reputation.

It also offers advanced features such as recurring billing, fraud protection, credit card tokenization, and e-commerce integrations with popular shopping carts. Partnering with a payment gateway provider offers many benefits to businesses, including access to advanced fraud prevention tools, technical support, and a fully hosted payment platform. Payment gateway partners can also provide additional revenue streams for businesses by offering services such as recurring billing and subscription management. Working with a payment gateway partner can also provide businesses with more control over their payment processing and greater brand recognition by using their own brand and colors on payment pages. White label payment solutions can also be cost-effective for businesses, especially smaller ones.

A. Definition of white label payment gateways

That helps you deliver a great transaction experience to your customers while helping avoid costly on-site data security assessments. Effectively prevent fraud with sophisticated, robust, and industry-proven fraud prevention tools. White label payment gateways work by providing businesses with a customizable payment processing platform that can be integrated with their existing systems. Businesses can integrate the white label payment gateway into their websites, mobile apps, or other platforms in order to accept payments directly from their customers.

white label payment gateway software

Many white-label payment gateways and payment service providers that offer customization are geared for online businesses. Payment services that offer brick-and-mortar payment processing tend to be less individualized, so businesses might have to compromise or choose a separate option. Are you looking for an improved way to accept payment transactions but have no time for long integrations and onboarding? Payneteasy’s white-label solution is all about simplifying payment processing and refining the customer service your business provides. It is a sophisticated yet easily manageable system that can collect and authenticate data for you to accept payment transactions. Andrew is the Founder of Akurateco Payments Orchestration Company, established in 2019.