This book is highly recommended for anyone who, like me, is or was terrified of living a boring life. This book will inspire anyone looking for fun and adventure to create incredible memories while living alcohol-free. Reading We are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen can quite possibly save your life.

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That started my path towards eventual freedom from alcohol. With incredible wit and skill, Sacha Scobie manages to tell you both what alcohol used to mean for her and how her sober life is going now. She relied on alcohol, so now that this is no longer an option she has to re-evaluate everything in her life, which leads to some great and very witty observations on her newfound life. By day, she’s a successful editor, but by night she’s a party girl who can’t sleep. In this tale of self-loathing and self-sabotage, readers can follow Marnell as she battles her inner demons and falls down further into despair — yet eventually making it through to the other side. In this essay collection, Coulter writes with wit about a life in transition — and what happens when you suddenly look up and realize that maybe everyone else isn’t quite doing things the right way.

When AA Doesn’t Work for You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol by Albert Ellis

That’s what you will get with Leslie Jamison’s The Recovering. 1
author picked
Alcoholic Republic
as one of their favorite books, and they share
why you should read it. 1
author picked
Under the Volcano
as one of their favorite books, and they share
why you should read it.

A Harrowing Journey From Cornell to Addiction to Prison – The New York Times

A Harrowing Journey From Cornell to Addiction to Prison.

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I used this book for motivation to quit drinking, even though the subject of alcoholism is barely discussed. Between this book and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, you’ll have some high level diet and exercise programs to model and remold into your own. By the time I found this book, I already knew from experience that supplements can repair your brain after you quit drinking. Her masterpiece provided me with a wealth of new information and a blueprint for further supplementation. All of these books contain pieces of the puzzle, in one form or another, for transcending addiction and living the best life that you can possibly live. This book serves as a guide for anyone starting their journey with a 30 day sobriety challenge.

Best Recovery Books of All Time

She had already beat alcohol in the past and there was nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of her child with some champagne, right? That celebration threw her once again into the depths of alcoholism. In this dark but incredibly comedic memoir, Smith tells all about her story and the road she finally took towards recovery from her perpetual numbing. She’s just someone who uses alcohol to muster up courage, and well, survive life. This is just how it has always been since her introduction to Southern Comfort when she was just fourteen.

Does wine break sobriety?

Does One Drink Ruin Sobriety? If you're wondering, “does one drink break sobriety?” Yes, it does! If you've been diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) and have abstained from alcohol, even one drink can break your sobriety. With relapse, the risk of returning to active alcohol abuse is a real threat.

Ingrained habits of social and personal life and relationships with both parents and children all create stumbling blocks as the two lovers strive to create a unified way of life. I admire this book for its frank and vivid presentation of the pitfalls that can threaten a union of two individuals who meet in late middle age, already well set on their paths. In its presentation of problems and solutions, this book offers the most “self-help” of these five recommendations. Alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome in a culture obsessed with alcohol and alcohol recovery books might not get you where you want to be.

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Reading the books on this list, and many more, have helped me develop a foundation in the Orc race that almost makes them real. He describes the death of his partner from alcoholism and the events leading up to it in an unflinchingly honest and moving way. It’s beautiful and respectful and shows how grief is both a shared experience and so completely individual at the same time.